Delphi City Park

Delphi City Park is located in Delphi’s east end, between Monroe and Main Streets.  It features a very large, well-equipped playground for young children, a basketball court, open field, restrooms, water, grills, and picnic tables.  It also has a very large historic shelter house which can be reserved and rented from the city office.

The development of the Delphi Park system dates back to the turn of the century when the city removed a cemetery at this site. It had originally been an Indian burial ground.  For a time the area was known as School Gardens, used by the nearby Monroe Street School.  The first soldier from Carroll County to be killed in the Civil War, Dyson Boothroyd, is buried here.

The site also served the community for various activities and programs such as: Chautauquas early in the twentieth century, community vegetable gardens during World War I, annual Old Settlers programs, and political speakers.  Franklin Roosevelt spoke here while campaigning for the Vice-Presidency in 1920. After World War I, the park was used for school activities, such as track and football and was still used for some school activities as long as there was a school on Monroe Street. The shelterhouse underwent extensive restoration and roof replacement in 2010.
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