Emergency Services

Law enforcement, fire, and medical services are dispatched through 911 in Carroll County.
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Emergency Medical Services

Ambulance and emergency medical services are provided with vehicles presently stationed in Delphi.  The administrative office phone number is 765-564-6701.

Emergency Management Office

Emergency Services of other types, including weather and health emergencies, are coordinated through the County Emergency Management office, located in the court house in Delphi, phone number 765-564-0028.  Director Mike Fincher is responsible for emergency preparedness of all types

Fire Department

Delphi Tri-Township Fire Department is located at 203 E. Main Street, Delphi. You may call Chief Dulin at 765-564-0034 for non-emergencies. They have active volunteers who serve and also assist other fire departments in a large region.
    • Mayor's Office

      City Building
      201 S. Union St.
      Delphi, Indiana 46923

      Anita Werling, Mayor
      Marilyn McKnight, Assistant
      Phone: (765)-564-2097

      Clerk/Treasurer's Office

      City Building
      201 S. Union St.
      Delphi, Indiana 46923

      Leanne Aldrich, Clerk/Treasurer
      Phone: (765)-564-2097
    • Departments

      EMERGENCY 9-1-1
      Fire:  (765) 564-0034
      Parks:  (765) 564-2353
      Police:  (765) 564-2345
      Streets:  (765) 564-2353
      Wastewater:  (765) 564-2313
      Water Works: (574) 564-3944
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