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The Office of the Mayor

Message from the Mayor...

It is an honor to serve the people of Delphi as Mayor. The City of Delphi is a wonderful place to call home with its strong business community, amazing recreational opportunities, exciting festivals, significant architecture and heritage assets, and a great school system. 

During my term, my goal is to continue infrastructure improvements to meet current and future needs, pursue residential development, attract new businesses while supporting our existing businesses, and involve citizens in planning for Delphi's future. Feel free to reach out with your concerns and to share your visions for our community!

Duties of the Mayor...

The mayor is responsible for the overall operation of city government with these primary responsibilities:

  • Enforcing city ordinances and state statues;
  • Providing city information as requested by the common council;
  • Providing financial statements and the general condition of the city (State of the City) to the common council a minimum of once per year
  • Recommending, in writing, to the common council actions that the mayor considers proper;
  • Calling special common council meetings when necessary;
  • Supervising subordinate officers, department heads;
  • Ensuring efficient government of the city;
  • Filling vacancies in city offices when required;
  • Signing deeds, bonds, contracts, licenses issued by the city;
  • Approving or vetoing ordinances, orders or resolutions of the legislative body (common council); vetos are subject to common council override;
  • Appoint department heads, department employees, board and commission members;
  • Suspend or remove officers or employees appointed by the mayor;
  • Fix salaries of appointed officials and employees (except police and firefighters and appointees of the clerk or clerk-treasurer) subject to reduction by the common council;
  • Conduct monthly meetings of department heads, adopt rules and regulations for individual departments, and arrange for unannounced audits of the accounts of departments;
  • Prepare the city budget for council review;
  • In third class cities, serve as presiding officer of the common council and vote only in order to break a tie;
  • Solemnize marriages.