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There are numerous organized school sports teams in the Delphi Community Schools which are detailed at their own website. There are many other activities available for youth of all ages. Many of them are listed below.

Baseball & Softball

IMG 1718 640Town & County Baseball & Softball League covers several counties including Carroll. It sponsors co-ed sports for children from ages eight to 14.

Delphi Youth Baseball is a member of the Town & Country League and serves children ages 4-12.

Delphi Pony League information is available from Dave Murray at 765-564-3844.

Delphi Girls Softball is a summer recreation program for ages 6-15. Participation forms are available at Delphi Community Elementary School and Middle School.

Colt League baseball for 15- and 16-year-olds is available regionally with teams formed by students from multiple schools.


Delphi Summer Swim information is available from Brian Burton at 765-564-4242 or email


Carroll County Youth Soccer League is available for children ages 4-13 in age brackets. There are also travel leagues older children and an annual clinic. Call Sandy at 574-686-3124 or write to 2605 W 300 N, Camden, IN 46917.


Summer recreation programs sponsored by Delphi Parks and other groups.

Adult Sports & Recreation

Delphi Community School System makes available the school swimming pool for a water aerobics program. Golfing, fishing, canoeing, boating, and other sporting activities also abound in and near Delphi in Carroll County.