Delphi Parks and Recreation Print

Delphi Parks and Recreation provides outdoor recreational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.  Facilities include five parks as well as ten miles of walking, hiking, and biking trails.  Sports facilities and playgrounds are abundant and well maintained.  Numerous picnic shelters are included as well as enclosed facilities.

City of Delphi Parks include the following locations:

Delphi City Park
George Obear Overlook Park
Riley Park
Riley Park Annex
Trailhead Park

In addition to these City Parks, Delphi is home to the extensive Wabash & Erie Canal Park and Interpretive Center as well as Canal Park Annex on North Washington Street.

Delphi City Parks are overseen by the Parks Superintendent.  They provide year-round access for children and adults as well as organized programs for children in the summer.  Tennis and basketball sessions are included as well as arts and crafts classes.  Special events include trips to water parks and canoeing on Deer Creek.  Recreation programs for seniors are sometimes available.  

No overnight camping or alcohol consumption is allowed within any of Delphi’s parks.